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How can I play?

To start a new game in classic mode, you'll need to tap on "New game". Once you do this, a screen will appear and you'll have to select the language and the type of opponent you want to play against.

Language selection:

The game is already available in a number of languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Turkish, and many more. You should pay attention to the language you select, since you won't be able to change it after the game starts.

Opponent: Opponents can either be Friends or Random Opponents. Once you have selected the language and the type of opponent, you'll have to tap on "Play" for the game to begin.

You'll have to get as many characters as possible in your turn.

In order to do this, you'll need to answer three questions from any category correctly and the crown question of the character you chose. You can also fall in the crown slot and automatically answer the question in exchange for a character.

You'll have 20 seconds to answer each question. You'll also have two days to play your turn.

The game will end when one of the players gets all 6 characters, but it can end sooner if one of the players quits or doesn't answer in time. In either case, the game will be won by the other player, regardless of the number of characters.

The game can be rejected before it starts, and that will not affect the statistics of either player. It's neither a won nor a lost game.

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